Welcome to KAMOTO® – supplier of quality brand tools.
The KAMOTO® brand is named after the city of KAMOTO, located in the Kamoto area, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan. The brand name used on most product groups manufactured by KAMOTO® : power tools, power equipment, garden equipment, household appliances and electric vehicles. 
The main factories producing Kamoto products are located in China, producing only modern high-quality equipment. The production uses the latest technology and modern design; the price segment is designed for a wide range of consumers, which creates high demand and meets the best expectations of customers. The brand is international and is represented in the best stores of these product groups.
At KAMOTO®, we aim to supply the best quality brand tools directly to  users at the lowest prices.
KAMOTO® Customer Service is what we’re all about. We strive to give you the best quality in every way we can. From the products we sell, to the high level of customer service that comes with them. We pay attention to the details and want to make sure you get the right tool for the job!
Our Team  have strong sourcing ability and professional work ethics.