Your Trusted Supplier

At KAMOTO®, an uncompromising commitment to quality inspires unparalleled service. With an experienced team of professionals and industry-leading capabilities, you can rely on us for exceptional support on all of your projects and promotions.

Customer Service & Sourcing Ability

Our KAMOTO® Sales Team  have strong sourcing ability and professional work ethics. We provide more than prompt, professional service. As development continues, Besides our two own factories. Freedom has fostered more than hundreds of partner factories. Give us a try, you and your customers will be glad for you did.

Customer Service & Sourcing Ability

When you partner with us, you will know that your order meets the highest standards in manufacturing and is constructed with safe, durable material. Every order will be inspected by our quality inspectors.

Shipping & Packing Solution

We realize that shipping & packing are important to customers, so we found our logistics company  to control the shipping cost & time. In the power tool industry,express & air shipping are the most general shipping method. We can offer a competitive solution because we have good discount and strong control ability.


We understand that the bottom line matters. That’s why we offer valuable extras such as design and existing samples to meet your needs.
We can support more to help you expand your market.For a look at current support, email us

 KAMOTO® Gifts

We are more excited than ever to present our new catalog to you, width over 180 new products in our 34 categories, we are confident this is our most complete collection to date.We have expanded or Accessories category by adding over 40 new items. We have also added over 20 new items in Garden Tools category and dozens of new in you favorite categories including Generators, Compressors,Drills and more.